Lynn says: I am finally back to playing all my instruments again. Fiddle was the last to get back and it makes me so happy to be playing tunes again! 2014 was all about my right shoulder. Now its interruptions are fairly infrequent – just little reminders from moves that require a little more strengthening or mobility than I have yet. It’s looking like 2015 will be all about the music. Yippee!

Surgery was at the end of July and we made it through farmers market season with a little help from our friends Clawhammer Mike and Spencer Anderson. Thanks, guys! At the same time, I developed some skill on washboard and on my  banjo ukelele. Fiddle tunes and accompaniments on the kazoo are another specialty I offer. And the shoulder did not prevent me from singing, thank goodness.

In December, Bob and Lynn were back in business playing for an art opening, an English Country dance, a wedding, two Solstice dances, and lots of music for church. It’s great to be back. See you at the winter farmers market!